Real-Time in Action

These two apps are built with Syncano's real-time sync API.
Any change you make on one device is instantly reflected in the other.

Try it for yourself: add a note, edits its text, change its color and move it around.

Sync With Another Screen

scan me from your phone or tablet
to see real-time sync on any device

The Code

// The function below is used for notification/subscription processing of the position of the note.
// When the position of the note is moved across one device, all other devices connected to Syncano will real-time sync to the same position.
updatePosition: function (element) {
  var self = this;
  var position = element.position();
  var xPos = Math.round(position.left);
  var yPos = Math.round(;
  var noteId = self.findNote(element.attr('id'));
    type: 'call',
    method: 'data.update',
    params: {
      project_id: self.options.projectId,
      collection_id: self.options.collectionId,
      data_id: noteId,
      xpos: xPos,
      ypos: yPos,
      sourcePlayer: self.syncano.uuid + '#' + self.token(),
      update_method: 'merge',
  }, function () {
    console.log('Position Updated');